Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vox Grand Opening, 50% OFF, Part 1

(Part 2, Part 3. I've broken them up to make them manageable.)

Whee, Vox is open! To celebrate, I've got everything half off for two days. There's a gift for those of you who join the Vox Update Group, and a free gentle face light that doesn't wash out your colors, create harsh shadows in your face, or blind all your friends, made by the lovely Wol Euler.

Here are some pics and details for you. I'll split them into two or three posts, so as not to have a never-ending post.

Jewelry first!

I'll start with my favorite, the Lucidity set.

Lucidity comes in three versions: Silver, Dark, and White. You can buy each piece separately, in a set at 25% off the total, or in a fat pack at 35% off the total.

The next set I made for Lorac Farella, a friend, former business partner, and the artist behind Pulse Skins. Again, you can buy each piece separately or in a set.

Swing earrings made at Lorac's request ages ago, and updated for Vox:

And the Mobius Strip wind-up key, because it's fun.

And that's about as many pictures as any one post can handle, I think. More coming in the next post.

Vox is at

All skin and eyes in these pics are made by Pulse. Stop by and try them on:

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