Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vox Grand Opening, 50%, OFF, Part 3

(Part 1, Part 2. I've broken them up to make them manageable.)

Part 3 is dedicated to shoes. I was only able to get two released for opening day, so I hope one or the other appeal to you. :)

All of my shoes (except for wedges, which don't need them) come with alpha layers for newer viewers and invisiprim versions for older viewers. They're made for size 0 feet and are no-modify. If you need larger shoes, contact me and I'll make them for you at no extra charge.

The Barcelona comes in 9 colors, plus the limited-edition hot pink "Candy" I've set out as a gift for members of the Vox Update Group. Did you see that, in bold? Come snatch them up!

The Amsterdam stitched fur wedges are a wink and a nod to the still-chilly weather some of us are having. Just like that teensy fur bolero from CoCo. What? I live in south California, we only pretend to get cold here.

Those are prim stitches, and you can opt for none if you like the wedges better without. Three of the wedges (cream, mocha, and milk, the first three at the top of the collection pic) come in felt versions, as well. The difference is really subtle, but I really liked the effect and had to keep them, so I placed them together with their fur counterparts.

Vox is located at

Skin and eyes by Pulse:

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