Monday, April 11, 2011

Customize For Free This Week At Vox

Love the jewelry, but it's not in your favorite color? Have a hard-to-match wardrobe item? Think those shoes would go perfectly with that dress if they were a deeper tone?

For one week only, April 10 - 16, I will customize a Vox item for you at no extra charge.

This special is for re-colors, and includes changes to the following:


Barcelona Booties: base fabric color (under the lace)

Amsterdam Wedges: fur/felt color; sole/heel color; stitching color

Rome Velvet Pumps and Wedges: velvet color; sole color


Satellite: stone color for any set; metal color

Lucidity: wavy plates color; metal color

Solar: accent color; metal color

Swing Earrings: metal color

Mobius Strip Wind-up Key: metal color


Eyelash color; tips or root color; feathers color

Just stop by Vox and click a sign or IM me inworld for more info.

Vox is located at

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