Friday, April 22, 2011

Egg Hunt and L.O.W. Sale at Vox


I have an easy-peasy little egg hunt for you this weekend. There are 5 eggs in plain sight, just waiting to be scooped up and cracked open for goodies.

Eggs #1-4 are 0L, and contain a variety of labrets and lip rings that I can't be bothered to set out for sale.

Egg #5 is a little different. I managed to stuff 12(!) suede clutches into it, and set it to 10L. These clutches have been languishing in my inventory for an embarrassingly long time. I've felt they lack a little something, and have been waiting patiently for them to sprout whatever it is they need. As they are now, they're perfect for those of you who like clean, simple lines and no fuss.


In other news, this week's Letter Of the Week is, appropriately, E. I have permanently reduced the price of my eyelashes 25% to 75L, and for this week only, the "natural" eyelashes are set to 35L.

All of my eyelashes come with an alpha layer to hide your default lashes, plus left-only and right-only versions to avoid the floating-eyelash look with certain hairdos.

Vox is located at

Wondering where I got that skin and those eyes?  Stop by Pulse and have a peek around:

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