Monday, May 16, 2011

This Monday's Golden

It's Moody Monday again! I've been in the workshop, and made Lucidity in acid-etched gold. She comes with and without shiny to suit your preferences. She's 55L now through Tuesday morning, and if you really like her, she'll be a permanent add.

Everybody has put gorgeous stuff out this week, as usual. Be sure to check them out!

In other news, I've permanently reduced all of my prices. If you passed up a pair of shoes or jewelry set because of a low budget before, come take a peek again.

Vox is located at

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where's E?

What with a violently sick kiddo, a personal injury with enough pain to kill my focus, and miles of red tape related to four different red-tapey projects IRL, there hasn't been much obvious going on at Vox these last couple of weeks. I'm still juggling a bunch of stuff, but I hope to have something pretty out for you very soon.

Some small bits of newness: items are gradually going up on Marketplace, and I've just found my way to Plurk.

More soon...