Friday, March 2, 2012

Avatar Shapes at Vox, 50% Off

Hello there! I've released two avatar shapes just to let you know I'm still around and busy making stuff.

As usual, they're 50% off the first two days of their release (in-world only).

Each shape is modifiable, comes in two heights and includes skirt shapes, eyebrow shape, lash alpha, gentle face light, and a style card that lists which skin, hair, and clothing were used in the photo.

A little bit about Vox shapes: my goal is to make realistically proportioned shapes, scaled to SL. That means the shape will have real-life proportions, but will be taller than real life average. Most Vox shapes will have slight or major imperfections.

These are available in-world or on Marketplace. Be sure to try a demo.

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